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Leader "Grandstand" producer.

Leader "Grandstand" producer. Integral has a factory which has an area of 5.000 m2 for tribune producing. We have around 50 trained workers. Our yearly capasity is 500.000 tribunes per year.


In a sports event, outside the playing field, it is called the grandstand tribune where the spectators sit. These seating areas consist of hundreds or even thousands of seats. These seating groups, also referred to as sports facility seats or stadium seats, are manufactured in different categories according to event, usage style, construction materials and branches.

The grandstand constructions vary according to the design and style. It depends on the requirements, it could be very modern, high or low capacity and classic ceiling, curvy ceiling, or no ceiling and ultramodern designs. Integral provides comfort while providing pleasure. The requirements may be with only steel construction, concrete construction, or both. It could be permanent or portable. Today, there is not really the most preferred varieties. For the price, the capacity sets the limit. The most popular grandstands are often used in sports halls and they are portable tribunes.

Only after talking to a sales representative of a grandstand manufacturer, we can hava an idea of the grandstand cost. Even after that we can only have a clue. Because there are many different factors that affect the cost.



Leader Grandstand Producer
  • Football stands construction has two main categories as permanent and portable stands. You can get all of the types of grandstands from Integral Integrated Systems. You can buy all the materials as well as you can get the turnkey price for the construction of the grandstand including the installation of the materials.
  • The cost of Football Stands Construction varies depending on many factors. The capacity of the grandstand is the first criterion in this issue. Then the cost per seat is determined based on the characteristics of the design and the material to be used. Integral Integrated Systems specialized team works in detail to get the most suitable offer for you project requirements.
  • Integral is always focused on the special designs and considered to be a premium brand when it comes to Football Stands Construction. It has always maintained a better price for its products as compared to its competitors. They have always followed a best pricing marketing mix strategy compared to its competitors.
  • The company also comes up with special designs for its clients. The motive behind introducing special designs to increase the uniqueness of your project taking into consideration the requirements, and at the same time maintains the quality and best price.
  • Therefore, the introduction of special designs helps to generate uniqueness and create strong customer relationships throughout the world.


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