Grandstand Cost

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Grandstand Cost

Only after talking to a sales representative of a grandstand manufacturer, we can hava an idea of the grandstand cost. Even after that we can only have a clue. Because there are many different factors that affect the cost.

Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor grandstands can be as small as 100 seats up to 15.000seats even more. Outdoor grandstands can be up to 50.000 seats even more.


After carefully desinging our project with Integral team who specialized in grandstands for any type, we will have understanding of the cost.

Permanent or Portable

The tribune can be modular so that can be moved and reinstalled, or can be fixed and permanent.

Type of Ceiling

It could no ceiling or classic ceiling or curvy ceiling that change the cost of the grandstand.

Number of Seats

It is the most important factor to calculate the cost of a grandstand

Quality of seats

There are many different types and features of seats, such as foldable, straight, with backing, UV protected, 2-bolt, 4-bolt seats.

Type of Event or Sports

Integral can manufacture grandstands for any professional sports activitity, event, festival, etc.

Shape of the Grandstand

Straight, curvy, or any special shape can be manufactured in Integral.

Area to be Installed

Area accesibility and basic materials to find in the area are one of the important factors to calculate the cost.

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