High Capacity Stadium Stands

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Stadiums are places where thousands of people watch matches with excitement. Stadiums have indoor and outdoor sections, and spectators sit in special stadium stands in these sections. More comfortable and stylish seats are used in the protocol section and the closed section. However, stadium stands produced by our company are produced from materials that are more durable, resistant to impacts, resistant to sun, fire, rain, and storm in the open sections. As İntegral Spor, we work with our experienced and expert staff for the production of specially designed football bleachers, high school football bleachers, grandstand bleachers, and stadium stands for stadiums and sports halls. Although there are many companies operating in this field in our country and in the world, our company is the leader in this sector with its unique and similar products.

There can be excitement and violence in football stadiums. Some of the excited spectators may attempt to remove the seats. In order to avoid these and similar situations, our seats are produced in a solid and high-quality manner and then assembled in a complete manner.

Club colors are generally preferred in-stadium stand colors. Apart from this, the use of vivid and enthusiasm-increasing colors can give morale and excitement to the audience. You can see the answers to your questions about stadium stands, grandstand seats, protocol, VIP grandstand seats models, production, production and prices on our website, catalogues or in our production facilities. You can order in the model, color and quantity you want, and you can get it delivered quickly.

We Produce High-Capacity Stadium Stands All Over the World


The pleasure of sitting on a stadium seat and watching football is something else. Ambiance and excitement of the environment is quite different from home. You will not find the enthusiasm there in the competitions you watch at home. But of course, the matches you watch while sitting at home are more comfortable. This is where our company comes into play, and we produce high-capacity stadium stands as if you were at home, comfortably and comfortably. Although it may not be as comfortable as your seat at home, we do our best to provide you with this comfort and convenience.

High-capacity stadium stands are capable of accommodating the largest number of people worldwide. Fans connect better with the team they support in these stadiums. Therefore, high-capacity stadium stands are very important for a football club. The stadium and tribune seats we produce are designed in the most orthopaedic way. Even if you sit for hours, you can watch the matches without being disturbed and without any pain or stiffness.

Football Stadium Stands

There are many football stadiums that have stories around the world, which are famous for their designs, capacity, and atmosphere. These football teams, which have made their name known to the whole world with their enthusiastic fan groups and championships, have huge stadiums that are worthy of them. The most important thing that makes these high-capacity football stadiums stand out is the football stadium stands. Although stadium stands appear as a simple product, they are actually a product that has many features in terms of production, design, and use.

The materials we use in our production are very resistant to impacts, vandalism, extreme high and low weather conditions. The coloring process is done with high-quality dyes. It is highly resistant to UV rays and the seats are also antistatic.

Football Stadium Stand Installation


Football stadium stand installation is mounted in different ways according to the installation model. The football stadium stand is mounted on the floor with 4 screws. After assembly, the screws are covered with the same color caps and the screw connections are hidden. Collapsible football stadium stands are specially produced according to the shape and dimensions of the grandstand. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to the tribune. Whether the stands are metal or concrete is also important for the installation of the stadium stand. These are taken into account when calculating assembly costs.

Being the leader in the sector with the football stadium stands we produce in Turkey and in the countries we export to gives us a different excitement and pride. We have completed the production and assembly of many stadiums, sports halls and tribune stands in the country and abroad in the best way and delivered them in the fastest way.

You can contact us or visit our website for stadium and football stadium stand prices.

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