How Should Portable Tribunes Be? In Which Areas Are They Preferred?

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Portable grandstand is a system suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, which can be assembled and disassembled very quickly. The areas of use of these portable platforms are stages and catwalks in general. Our company, which produces amp-shaped platforms and bleachers, offers you the cheapest materials with the highest quality materials.

Our system has a completely portable feature, so no connection has been welded and connected. If you want, you can be disassembled and installed somewhere else. We do the assembly with welded joint instead of by the method of replacement. In this way, the installation of these grandstands, which you can disassemble and reinstall, is also quite easy. It was designed to be portable and no welding method was used.

Since materials such as welding, rivets, bulons, bolts are likely to be lost, we do not use these materials during portable grandstand installation. We connect the whole system with a method of passing together. However, Bolt nuts and washers are used in the installation stage of the front, side, and rear railings and exit stair railings to the grandstand. We use carrier shears, diagonal connecting rods, and connection apparatus in our portable grandstands. Because they weigh the system, we never prefer materials such as concrete mosaic and heavy steel. The materials we use cause the system to be lightweight and portable.

Features of Portable Grandstands We Export To Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Dubai


A special decking is not used during the installation of the system. It is a system suitable for every floor you want. No need to worry about different slopes. You can also be easily adapted to sloping floors. The adjustment screws that we use in portable grandstands are used to eliminate floor defects. In addition, with these materials, you can prevent the feet of the grandstand from sinking into the ground without strength. In your project, you can adjust the seating area height, dock height, and width as you wish. Seating height is applied as 45 cm. Seats to be used in the system may also vary according to the project.  

The material on the platform is wood and is 12 mm thick. The material we use has high carrying strength and is resistant to moisture, dirt, acid, moisture, freshwater, and saltwater. It is also possible to apply different alternatives if you wish. The method of bonding the wood material to be used is applied to be resistant to water and all kinds of weather conditions. The dimensions of the length and width of the wood used in the walking path may vary depending on the project. The bottom construction of the walkway consists of at least 3 box profiles. Walking parts are also fixed by the same method. In this part, we also do not use the welding method.

It is surrounded by a guardrail system to make the parts of the grandstand higher than the ground safer. This steel construction system is coated by the hot-dip galvanizing method. The reason it is coated with the steel construction method is to increase the life of the resulting product by about 15 years. Thanks to the steel construction parts that allow the stand to be disassembled and re-installed, a locking system is applied in the portable grandstand system, which prevents the disassembly of the parts in between. So, you avoid the possibility of theft and sabotage. During this locking system, we also calculate the load, static load, and dynamic loads of the grandstand, ensuring the safety of the spectators on it.

Points to Consider

Portable grandstand seatings carry a lot of people. For this reason, it is subjected to quite a lot of load. In portable grandstand installations, we pay great attention to design, manufacturing, and installation. At this weight calculation stage, you must have an approved static report from a technical university. The system to be preferred has to be used in an international organization before and the safety of the system must be tested and approved. The system also must be ergonomic, functional, long-lasting, and economical. The company must have a certificate of manufacturer of portable grandstands, telescopic grandstands, and mobile grandstands from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In addition, the contractor must have an ISO and CE certificate and a work completion certificate approved by official institutions.

Portable Grandstand Costs in America


Construction stage costs and post-use costs are different from each other. Portable grandstand costs vary for many reasons. We have gained a lot of experience since the first day of our company’s establishment and our goal is always to please our customers. With high-quality service, the products we export to all over the world continue to delight our customers. All our products are approved and offered to you. Portable grandstand costs are changed according to the projects our customers want to realize. In determining these prices, factors such as the size of the area and the number of floors of the grandstand, the quality of the material to be used, the requirements for installation and disassembly, the workmanship in installation, durability, model, and color are important.

In addition, annual maintenance of portable grandstands, as well as failures and repair costs at this stage affect the price. With our experienced staff, with whom we have worked for many years, we make our grandstands as resistant to external factors as possible by using the latest technological machines and devices. In this way, we aim to minimize repair costs. In addition, the easy installation system of our portable grandstand minimizes the cost of installation. We produce our budget-friendly products in the best quality way for our customers. From the first day of our establishment, our provincial goal is customer satisfaction and we offer you the best affordable and high-quality products. Meet the easy use, durability, and low budget of our portable grandstands. Contact us for more detailed information.


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