Grandstand Manufacturer

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Grandstand Manufacturer

The grandstand manufacturers design and produce grandstands according to the size of the area to be installed together with the number of people. The grandstands are made as fixed and portable, there are also telescopic options in fixed grandstands. The most popular grandstand options are classic grandstands, container grandstands, grandstands with curved ceiling, and special grandstands. You can contact Integral Integrated Systems for detailed information.

curved grandstand model

curved grandstand model

The grandstands should be safe and stable as well as being comfortable. Integral will help you within your budget and needs. They will also assist with their references and examples of grandstands in their portfolio.

Integral Integrated Systems manufacture grandstands for any kind of facility, such as stadiums, indoor halls, racing tracks, beach volleyball, festivals, tennis courts, futsal and golf courts. They can be designed in any shape according to the facility in order to get the best view for the spectators, such as straight and turn shape. The grandstands could be permanent and portable. All grandstands of Integral Integrated Systems complies with international standards.  Integral, Grandstand Manufacturer


Some grandstands are modular, so they are so simple and easy to install for indoor and outdoor. It is perfect seating solution for any event. Also, it is a perfect choice for small football clubs. And of course, they can be moved to another site easily if requested.


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