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Top Quality Grandstand for Sale: It is not as easy as it seems to buy affordable, quality stands for your stadium or arena. In this sense, it is necessary to do good research. Some companies will try to sell their second-hand turbines to you. It would be best to buy a turbine from a well-known company that has a grandstand for sale. As the Integral family, which is among the best companies in the world in many fields such as turbines, led panel systems for stadiums, stadiums, carpet field construction, or artificial turf production and installation, we manufacture and assemble our new, high quality and affordable turbines according to your wishes.

Grandstand Seat Types

Who wouldn’t want to watch a good match by sitting on the best grandstand seats. In addition to the comfort in the tribune seats, the fact that they are not affected by the sun’s rays, their colors do not fade, they are produced in a way that is resistant to impacts and weight will ensure their longevity. Integral is among the best companies to manufacture and assemble seats with these features.

Today, Integral tribune seats are produced with or without backs. Backless models are both affordable and very comfortable. Apart from these, there are models with back-armrest or sleeve-spring. Depending on the material of the integral tribune seats, plastic seats or fabric, leather or vinyl covered VIP seats, telescopic stands, and specially produced models are also available.


Classification of the  grandstand seating is as follows.

  • Stadium and Arena Seating
  • Flat Floor Seating
  • VIP and Private Seating

Grandstand Seating Features

Integral turbine seats have some unique features:

  1. Plastic seat model is the general seat model shape. These quite cheap products are of medium quality and are frequently preferred.
  2. Football stadium bleachers is orthopedic, it is a product that is suitable for sitting for hours and minimizes back and low back pain.
  3. VIP seat model are special seats designed for special visitors.

Regardless of the seat type, it will allow you to spend time comfortably and with pleasure. Football grandstand seats are highly resistant to impacts and bad weather conditions. In addition, these seats are also used in public areas.

Grandstand Systems Installation

The tribune system is very easy and portable to install in open or closed areas. Sportap offers special systems for your project, taking into account the dimensions of the area where the installation will be made and the capacity of the person. Fixed, portable or telescopic tribunes installed are made available for use after special safety and durability tests.

The grandstand installation consists of the following stages:

  • Firstly, excavation works of the land are carried out and it is made suitable for infrastructure works. Then reinforced concrete iron is poured. The thickness and size of the iron are configured according to the audience capacity.
  • A drainage system is added to the infrastructure. Steel mesh concreting is done on it and asphalt is poured.
  • Steel construction processes are carried out. The seat is mounted on it.
  • Artificial turf coating and stadium lighting operations are performed on the stadium floor.
  • In the final, build grandstands are completed.

Grandstand Construction


During the grandstand construction phase, the area for the tribune is determined first with our expert team. Necessary measurements are taken for the tribune. Selections are made for the color, quality, and model of the tribune seats. After our engineers working in our company share the final project design with you and get your approval, the construction phase of the tribune is completed.

Our Integral team presents the works from the design, installation, and assembly of the turbine to you in a fast and high-quality manner and shares every stage of this process with you. The biggest goal of our company is to provide you with the best service and comfort and to place your grandstands for sale, stadium, or arena.

Grandstand Construction Cost

Curious about the grandstand construction cost? If we can’t give you an exact figure, we can give you some tips. First of all, the cost of installation will vary according to the chosen area, the size of this area, and the quality of the material used. If you want to know more detailed information, please contact us!!

You can get detailed information about ‘’Top Quality Grandstand for Sale’’ from our website and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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