Football Stadium Construction

Jun 1, 2018 | Tribune varieties | 0 comments

Football Stadium Construction

Perhaps one of the most exciting events even happen in Football Stadiums. So, this brings additional requirements in football stadium construction. Thousand of spectators withstands and jumps in one big arena, often breaking the noise record.

It is not only the process of construction a building, but also infrastructure. It typically involves mass designing, manufacturing, and production of lots of items for only one purpose, fun, excitement, and comfortability of thousands of people at one location.

Football stadium construction as in Integral Integrated systems starts with planning and designing. This keeps going until the project is completed and ready for the spectators. This kind of large scale construction requires multi-discipline right from excavating until the end. A specialized Integral project manager manages and supervises the work of designing, constructing and manufacturing of all items one by one.

In general, there are three stages of football stadium construction: building, infrastructure and manufacturing of its products and equipment in the stadium. The building and the infrastructure part are integrated part of each other. They must work simultaneously. One cannot flow without the other. The production of the items and equipment of the stadium includes seats, lights, Integral grass carpet, running track, office equipment, and locker and shower rooms. They also be aligned with the building and infrastructure works so that the planning and scheduling can be met.



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