High Quality Bleacher Costs

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We, as Integral Spor, are producing many items for sports fields. Additionally, we install some of these items. One of them is bleacher which we have been working on for many years. If you want to work with a qualified company, let’s look at the guide which we have prepared for you and then let’s decide what we will do.

What is Bleacher?

As one of the bleacher manufacturers, Integral Spor invites you to get information about bleachers. Bleachers or stands are tiered rows of benches. They are found at sports fields, and they are used for many sports events or competitions. The structures of bleachers differ according to where the bleacher will be installed and the size it will have.


Features of Bleachers

Integral Spor produces bleachers according to your budget and preferences. Let’s see the features of these bleachers.

  • Our bleachers, which are made of steel and strengthened by galvanized hot-dip method, do not rust and do not need maintenance for a long time.
  • Steel bleachers are easily assembled and can be easily dismantled or moved to another place if desired.
  • The mobile spectator load that the steel bleachers can carry is at least 300 – 400 kg/m2.
  • The wind speed range that steel bleachers can withstand is at least 100 – 130 km/h.
  • The wind load range that steel bleachers can carry is at least 50 – 100 kg/square meter.
  • We have steel bleachers with the capacity of 30,000 people and they are frequently used in show areas, ceremonial areas and stadiums.
  • The width, length and height dimensions of the steel bleachers are flexible and can be customized upon request.
  • Steel bleachers are resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions and can be used in all seasons.
  • All of the steel bleachers are produced in international standards and have TSE and CE certificates.

Types of Bleachers


The permanent or portable structures where the spectators sit in sports competitions, various ceremonies and events are called bleachers. The most important feature of a tribune is the safety of the spectators. Considering safety and providing service at world standards, Integral Spor, as one of the bleacher manufacturers, produces bleachers of different types and sizes.

There are two main types of bleachers that Integral Sport presents to its customers. These are steel bleachers and container bleachers.

1- Standard Steel Bleachers

Standard steel bleachers are the most preferred bleacher type in recent years due to their strength and durability. They can be built from 3 meters to 90 meters in length and they can be produced with or without a roof. The snow load is 75 – 210 kilograms per square meter. The audience capacity can vary from 200 to 5,000. They can be in 4, 8 or 12 row seating arrangements. Additionally, the standard steel bleachers produced by Integral Sport are approved by TSE and European product regulations.

2- Container Model Bleachers

Container model bleachers have a minimum length of 4 meters and can be increased as needed. They can be produced with or without a roof. The snow load is 75 – 210 kilograms per square meter. The audience capacity can vary from 200 to 5,000. They are approved by TSE and European product regulations (CE). Galvanized hot-dip method is used in all sections. All steel structure is coated with galvanized hot dip. Living areas equipped with changing rooms, shower and WC can be designed according to special demands.

Bleacher Seats

As the type of bleacher changes, the bleacher seats are also changing. Bleacher seats are available in many different models. It may differ according to the content of the project to be applied, with or without armrests, according to the backrest area or according to the colors. The seats by Integral Spor are produced as plastic die-casting and they have first class quality and durability.


Bleacher seats are a type of seat used in areas where sports competitions are held. These products, which are preferred in public areas, have plastic and artificial leather coating types. These products are used not only in stadiums, but also in school lecture halls and sports halls. There are various points to be considered in the products provided for collective use. The first of these is the quality of the product as it is used extensively. Bleacher seats, or tribune seats, must be made of durable materials. Otherwise, it does not create a long-lasting usage area and causes economic losses. We produce bleacher seats with different features according to indoor or outdoor use.

While making a choice among the stadium seat types, the area should be evaluated and the most suitable product should be preferred. Folding stadium seats are in the right product range to be preferred in this area. It provides ease of transition and creates order in the area. Depending on the area to be used, bleacher seat types with armrests can also be preferred. This product, which is used especially in schools, creates a comfortable usage area.

Bleacher seats used in areas where sports competitions take place are generally foldable and monoblock is preferred. However, of course, differences can be made according to needs. Companies can supply stadium seats for their needs. In this regard, Integral Spor is with you to offer the best bleacher seats and additionally, it offers different sizes, designs and color options. You can easily buy the product you want from the bleacher seats you need at affordable prices. Bleacher seats, produced with original raw materials, have vibrant colors. With its metal leg structures, it provides you with long-term use without rusting. As a result, as Integral Spor, we produce functional bleacher seats using high quality materials that are resistant to impacts.

In short, we may add that the seats used in the construction of the bleacher are fixed-backed bleacher seat, foldable bleacher seat, VIP bleacher seat and protocol bleacher seat. You may contact us to get further information about these bleacher seats, also.

Bleacher Costs

Some of the customers ask what the cost to build a 1000 seat stadium is. While the others wonder about the bleacher costs. Bleacher costs vary according to the covering material used and the quality of the seat used. Additionally, it varies according to the type, weight and features of the seat. If you want to get further information about the bleacher costs, you may visit our website.

Bleacher seat costs are offered to you with the most suitable options by Integral Spor. Because we consider your preferences, budget and demands! Let’s explore the bleachers together!

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