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Grandstands are an inseparable part of sports games. Tribunes offer the audience to watch the game live, experience the thrill of the moment just in exact place, and unite with the other sports fans to support their favorite players. As in various sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, athletics and many other activities, grandstands help the game to reach larger audiences in tennis as well. The spectators get to experience the game played on court with a closer look while cheering for their favorite player when they are seated in tennis grandstands.

But what is a grandstand exactly? Grandstand tribune is where the spectators sit during a sporting event and get a chance to watch the game. They consist of hundreds or thousands of seats and these stadium seats are manufactured in different types according to the sporting event, how they are going to be used, etc.

Integral Spor designs and constructs different kinds of tribunes for various purposes especially for sport fields. Building grandstands for tennis courts is one of the services we provide. Our mission is to bring people together with sports.

Integral Spor as Grandstand Manufacturers

tennis grandstand manufacturer

As Integral Spor, we produce high quality tennis grandstands. Our mission as tennis grandstand manufacturer is to provide satisfaction and deliver your requests in the best way possible while using high-quality raw materials. We are experts in designing quality tennis grandstands, and one of the largest grandstand manufacturers. Apart from designing the tribunes to our beloved customers’ satisfaction, we also offer construction and installation services for grandstands. Integral Spor’s annual capacity is 500.000 tribunes per year. We manufacture our products meticulously, and export to 70 countries.

Integral Group produces different types of grandstands such as steel, container model steel, portable, and telescopic grandstands and builds stadiums of different capacities and sizes.

How Tennis Grandstands Should Be?

  • While answering the questions how grandstands and their seats need to be, there are some points to take into consideration.
  • Seats for tennis grandstands should be comfortable for the spectators, long-lasting and durable, and resistant to various weather conditions.
  • Safety always comes first. People can jump in excitement when their favorite tennis player hit a scoring backhand. Minimizing the chance of injuries and considering the safety of the spectators are crucial elements while constructing grandstands.
  • The seats should withstand to different kinds of weathers as well as being non-flammable and flexible. Extreme weather conditions should not affect the grandstand. Moreover, choosing fire-proof seating for your tribune helps preventing unwanted events especially when the tension is high during tennis matches.
  • Stand seats can be made using different materials such as polypropylene, PVC and plastic. PVC material is generally the most preferred one. Also, using high-quality material is important since the seats are exposed to sunlight during open-air tennis games, and they might start to wear out and fade.
  • The higher quality the materials used are, the more satisfaction you will get from the spectators.
  • Most importantly, they should not be hazardous to human health.

How Is the Installation Process?

tennis grandstand installation

In the first step of tennis grandstand installation, necessary calculations for the area where the grandstand is planned to be installed should be made. There needs to be a drawing a process that shows the space. Secondly, the application process begins and stands starts to be installed. Then seats are installed following the previous step. These seats can have different colors, up to your taste. An important point to remember here: You should note that the grandstand seats must be installed safely not to cause any harm to spectators. Security is of vital importance both for the tennis fans and the players on court.

How Much Installing a High-Quality Tennis Grandstand Cost?

If you are searching for high quality tennis grandstands, we recommend you work with a company that are experts. The cost of the tennis grandstands depends on different factors such as quality of the materials to be chosen, and the color of the seating, etc. Integral Group provides fast production and installation service.

Contact us to learn more about tennis grandstands and what we offer to you. We, as Integral Spor, provide first-class service to our customers. For detailed information and price offer you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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