Stand Construction and Overview of Stand Types!

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Match, concert event, theater, entertainment, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, athletics and many other activities that you cannot count, you can watch with great pleasure in the stands. The stands are structures where people have a pleasant time, are high above the ground and give pleasure to cruise. Designing and assembling the stands requires great care. It is a very pleasant situation to watch matches and events in the grandstands where the masses are gathered on a staged and staircase system.

When you support a team or watch a concert event, the stands, where the pleasure is dancing and the excitement reaches its peak, must be robust and safe. Stadiums are one of the most crowded places in the world. The stands of the stadiums are planned according to the area and structure of the stadium. The stands can be made of concrete or steel construction. Recently, stand types, which are commonly made of steel materials, have started to be used. Because the stands are high above the ground and there is serious mobility on it, there must be fences or fences in the front to prevent people from falling down. In order to minimize the accidents on the stands, it is very important to make these areas safe. After the stand construction is completed, step-by-step seat assembly should be conducted.

Before starting the construction of the stand, a general drawing of the relevant area should be prepared and the area to which the tribune will be installed should be calculated. After the necessary drawings have been made, the application stage should be started and the specification should be prepared for this. Stands that appeal to people’s emotions, the more colorful and design they are, the more entertaining people. From the outside, the construction of the grandstand may seem easy, but it is a very tedious task. Some companies have the ability to build the sports field as a whole together with the grandstand. In addition, stand types can be fixed or can be installed and removed. After the stands are made, it comes to the seats to be placed on the row. We can give you some information about the grandstand seats.

How should the tribune seats be?

When we look at the stand seats that we often encounter in sports competitions in general, it is seen as a color revelation and architectural design. What’s the grandstand? Grandstand: It is called a stand where a sporting or any other event can be seen from the height of the game and activity area. The stands can be indoor and outdoor so the seats should not be affected by any weather events. The stands should provide a comfortable feeling to the audience while at the same time be non-flammable and flexible. Especially in the UV rays of the sun, the bleachers should not fade and should not be worn. The seats of the grandstand should definitely not disturb the occupants and provide the pleasure of cruising. The layout and orientation of the grandstand seats must be correctly adjusted. Stand seats can be prepared for materials with different contents. PVC material is the most commonly used material and is preferred frequently in open air areas. The grandstand seats must be installed securely and never come off.

What are the Types of Stand Seats?

It is possible to come across stand seats used in protocols, stand seats automatically opening and closing, grandstand seats with backrest, grandstand seats with fixed intervals, VIP grandstand seats, uninterrupted grandstand seats and telescopic grandstand seats. Stand seats can be manufactured upon special request and design.

Stand construction fees may vary according to too many criteria. Seat prices of the grandstands are priced differently according to their characteristics and structure. The size of the area where the grandstand seats will be made, the type of the desired material and the number of seats are amongst the factors that affect the price. If a stand is to be constructed and the seat types are certain, it must be priced with careful work beforehand.

What are the Stand Types?

It is possible to come across different types of stands in different structures and prices. Let’s take a look at these stand types together.

Steel Stands; Usually portable; in other words, it is a kind of a stand that can be dismantled and installed and transported to the desired area. These stands, which are easy to assemble, disassemble and used all over the world, have hosted many organizations. These stands, which are very secure due to their steel structure, are very useful when installed correctly.

Stadium Stands; In particular, the stadium grandstands, which were planned and programmed before the project was laid and the foundation was laid, can be made of concrete and steel. Stadium stands should look like a whole with the field.

Outdoor and Indoor Carpet Field Tribunes; The grandstands, which are designed starting from the infrastructure and made to the most suitable area according to the condition of the site, may vary according to their shape and characteristics. Portable stands can be used easily in such fields. Stand construction fees are priced according to the condition of the site and the structure of the desired material. If you are going to have a grandstand, you should make a thorough research and decide accordingly. The construction of the grandstand should be in integrity and adapt to the structure of the site.

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