What should sports bleacher producers consider while making a decision?

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Have you decided to build a sports field or bleacher? Making sports facilities and bleachers is an engineering job, so this process should be given to the hands of experts and bleacher sports manufacturers who know the subtleties of the work. Planning and projecting must be carried out before building a stadium or sports complex. The bleacher is one of the most important complements of the field, showing a stadium. Imagine how unappealing a football match without spectators… There are lots of Bleacher installation companies, but the most important thing is how to find them properly. First, you need to investigate the facts such as how much bleacher has made the company, who are the references, whether the customers are satisfied or not. When the bleachers are manufactured, it is very important to know the size and the structure of the area to be established, and how many spectators will participate. If a sports bleacher is not durable, serious injuries and fatal accidents may occur. Injuries and deaths due to bleacher crashes are unfortunately experienced too much in the world. For this reason, if the bleacher is to be built, the importance of durableness should be given first. After deciding whether these bleachers will be portable, steel or concrete, the selection of seats and assembly of the seats are available.

How should the stadium seats in the bleacher?

In order to be able to sit in the spectators in sports competitions, there must be seats in the bleachers. Seats used in public viewing areas can be made of plastic and artificial leather. The bleachers are used not only in stadiums but also in amphitheatres and various sports halls. Seats used in the bleachers must be durable. The bleachers should be resistant to impacts from weather conditions, especially the UV rays of the sun. Considering that there are stadiums with 100,000 seats or more, problems with the seats can lead to serious costs. In the meantime, I have to say that; The fires in the stadiums will cause many people to lose their lives and seriously injure them, so the seats should not catch fire.

What Kind of Seats Are Available in Stadiums?

Different types of seats can be used according to the characteristics and shape of the stadium. When selecting a seat, the structure of the area and the budget balance should be evaluated. Which tribune seats are available? Let’s try to learn together. Foldable grandstand seats, tribune seats with armchair, monoblock grandstand seats and grandstand seats that have different design can be produced according to the desired features. The companies that install the stands should listen to the demands of the customers completely and work accordingly. Grandstand construction costs may vary according to capacity, demand and specifications. The colour of the grandstand seats should be made entirely on demand.

What are the structure and characteristics of the seats used in the stands?

Grandstand seats are highly resistant to impacts from outside. It is very difficult to remove the grandstand seat. It can be assembled in a bolted way, not by glueing. The grandstand seats are thrown from a height to see if it passes the infrangibility test. The grandstand seats are installed in place after passing many tests against cracking and breakage. They are durable when weighing more than 150 kilos on the grandstand seats. Seats that do not crack in extreme cold and hot temperatures are non-flammable. After deciding how to make the grandstand seat, it is necessary to decide the shape and type of the seat. The structure of a bleacher must comply with the respective sports field. The bleachers can be used not only in stadiums but also in horse racing tracks, formula tracks, entertainment venues, universities, indoor sports halls, basketball courts and many other places you can think of. Stadiums can be open or closed. For this reason, it is necessary to know this detail while designing. In order to make a bleacher, the area of ​​the field should be drawn and the amount of the bleacher to be made on the remaining parts and how many seats can be fit into it should be calculated. Recently, steel bleachers have been used in Europe and many countries. Steel bleachers are both durable and chic. If you are going to have a bleacher, you need to know in advance how much space you will use and which types you will decide. If you want to have a bleacher you should do rigorous research before and you should meet with good companies which have good references. Bleacher is very important in terms of safety and health so working with the right companies is very important.


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